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Garfieldfan's Profile

                           First Name:Garfield
                           Last Name:Fan

Garfieldfan's Games

Garfield:Food Frenzy at www.davidedisongames.page.tlGarfield:Food Frenzy

 In this game Garfield needs to catch food that is falling from the sky. Garfield eats anything, but healthy food. Catch hamburgers, lasagnas etc. and avoid fruit and veggies.

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Garfield's Sheep Shot at www.davidedisongames.page.tlGarfield's Sheep Shot

 In this game you must help Garfield sleep at least 9 hours per night. Garfield will be flying in his box-bed. You need to hit him with sheep to help him sleep more...

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Dingle Ball at www.davidedisongames.page.tlDingle Ball

 This game's main character is Odie, a dog from Garfield cartoons. You need to help Odie catch the ball. The ball bounces off the wall and comes back to you. You must click on Odie at the right moment.

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Garfield:Coop Catch at www.davidedisongames.page.tlGarfield:Coop Catch

 In this simple game you need to help Garfield catch as many eggs as possible. Catch the eggs that fall from the hens and avoid tomatoes and water melons. A tomato makes you lose 2 eggs and a water melon half of the eggs you have caught.

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Garfield:Lasagna From Heaven at www.davidedisongames.page.tlGarfield:Lasagna From Heaven

 In this game you need to help Garfield catch lasagna and other tasty food that falls from the sky.

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Garfield's Ping Pong at www.davidedisongames.page.tlGarfield's Ping Pong

 This is a ping pong game. The only thing that has to do with Garfield is the puddles design.

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