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Top Gamers

 Master Gamer   -  910 Points

  Anju   -  565 Points

 Master In Tokens   -  521 Points

 Naveed  -  454 Points

 Vasoula -  310 Points

How To Get Points?

You can get points by submitting a game or winning a tournament and getting a reward.

You will get 1 point for submitting a game and 10 points for winning a tournament and getting the reward.For example if you have 5 rewards winning a tournament or in any other way you will get 10 points for each reward you have and that will make it 50 points.

There are also special rewards giving you more points.

What Are  DE Coins? How do I get them?

DE Coins are virtual coins which allow you to buy many virtual gifts. Only the first 5 rankers of DE will get DE Coins.

The first ranker is gifted with 1000  DE Coins every month.

The second ranker is gifted with 900  DE Coins every month.

The third ranker is gifted with 800  DE Coins every month.

The fourth ranker is gifted with 700  DE Coins every month.

The fifth ranker is gifted with 600  DE Coins every month.

DE Coins will be added to the user's account at the end of the month(last week).

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